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Looking for the best and most specialized heliport in Brazil? You've found it! Helicidade offers all the necessary infrastructure to welcome you, your aircraft and your pilots in style.

With an elevated heliport and 10 spots, Helicidade offers an incredible 4,500 m² of hangarage to accommodate around 80 aircraft, with a multi-brand workshop for maintenance, fueling carried out by Air BP and a company specialized in technical cleaning of aircrafts.


Our facilities are truly incomparable! There is a VIP room dedicated to passengers, a VIP room dedicated to pilots, parking with valet service, covered parking for armored cars and chargers for electric vehicles.

In addition, Helicidade offers even more amenities, including meeting room, break room with massage chairs, convenience store and magazine store, all to ensure that you and your guests feel at home and are attended to with maximum comfort and efficiency.


For 20 years, Helicidade has been the number one choice for those looking for luxury and exclusive service for helicopters, providing a unique experience for its customers.

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