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Atendimento VIP


Serviço Exclusivo


Dedicated Structure

Helicidade is chosen by businessmen, executives and celebrities who value privacy and quality of service.


Furthermore, we know that your time is valuable and that is why we offer a dedicated service to meet your expectations in a personalized way.


Our highly trained and experienced team is ready to assist you with excellence and flexibility so that you arrive at your destination in style, comfort and discretion.


Whether for an important meeting, a social event or a leisure trip, we are ready to make your experience unforgettable.


Privileged Location

With a privileged location, next to Marginal Pinheiros and close to Vila Lobos park, our heliport offers easy access to the main financial centers of São Paulo, shortening distances and reducing costs.


Furthermore, we have a modern and complete structure for boarding and disembarking passengers, providing an even more comfortable and efficient travel experience.


That way you can quickly reach the main points of the city, avoiding chaotic traffic and everyday stress.

Facilidade de Acesso


Reference Heliport

When it comes to air operations, safety is our main concern.


That's why Helicidade is the reference heliport in operational safety in São Paulo.

We are completely dedicated and committed to ensuring the safety of all our operations.


Since our founding, we have successfully performed more than 400,000 operations, which proves our excellence in operational safety.


In addition, we invest in state-of-the-art technology and equipment in a modern structure to ensure that our operations are safe and efficient.

Segurança Operacional
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